Wright Tempo School, a 501c3, is located at Tempus Renatus LLC, a small, family-owned farm nestled in the Sandhills of North Carolina. The farm lies on 47 acres of rolling pastures and old pine forests, secluded yet just down the road from the Carolina Horse Park at Five Points.
Classical Riding

Our Breeding Program

One of the more important aspects of classical riding is the horse itself. While classical riding can be applied to any horse, certain breeds show a special aptitude for it, and unfortunately many of those are endangered. We at Wright Tempo are dedicated to preserving those breeds, especially the Lipizzan. We have also rescued several horses, including several Lipizzans, and use these in our program. The endangered breeds we work with are living representatives of history as well as carriers of unique genetics and ambassadors of the gentle, noble temperament the classical horses were selected for.

Paying the Environment Back through Responsible Horse Care

However, you can't educate about riding without a heavy focus on taking care of the horse. This extends past the stables and into farming itself. We also feel that the horse can also give back to the environment, so we work to let our caring for the horse also care for the environment. We use permaculture techniques with native and edible plants to make for a more enriched environment and reduce the needs for mowing and erosion control. We use the horses for restorative grazing, and we use numerous companion animals to fill the gaps. Some of those animals include San Clemente Island Goats (listed as critically endangered on the Livestock Conservancy list), heritage turkeys, heritage chickens (including critically endangered Crevecoeur, Dorking, and Spanish chickens), peafowl, and various heritage ducks and geese. We also have beehives on the property for pollination.


Our next goal is to create trails in our forest with permaculture patches of fruit and berry bushes for the dual purpose of therapeutic trail walking and riding, also called "forest-bathing" or shinrin-yoku, and for growing food items for a comprehensive restorative environment. 

We are dedicated to classical horsemanship which now UNESCO recognized as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity. Classical riding has immense physical benefits for both horses and humans, even those with physical struggles, neurodiverse populations, and those who are struggling with PTSD or C-PTSD. Riding is immensely therapeutic in itself and teaches people all kinds of life lessons, no matter their background.

All students can be accommodated at the Wright Tempo School whether you have an interest in riding for pleasure or participating in demonstrations and horse shows on our school horses. We enthusiastically provide opportunities for an education in horsemanship for beginners and up to the advanced levels. 

We believe the future in classical riding lies in the truly passionate who live and breathe horses. Unfortunately, many of those don't have the means to keep a horse on their own, least of all afford lessons. Because of this, we have scholarship programs for those populations, whether they are underprivileged youth, battered women, veterans, or any other population that doesn't otherwise have the chance to learn.

Our goal is to provide them an education that can give them opportunities in the horse world, whether as certified grooms and professional competitors or to receive riding scholarships to universities. We are working to develop a groom's certification program in the near future as the first step.


We hope you will consider
Wright Tempo School when making your charitable donations.

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