You can donate through our page here or through any one of our campaigns online. Your contributions help employ veterans, veteran families, minorities, and neurodiverse populations. They also help feed the animals, plant more trees, riding clothes and equipment for those who cant afford it, and improve the facilities with special equipment. Your contributions can also help create a scholarship fund for people to have special training opportunities with international clinicians, competition opportunities, or go through our certification programs. You can specify where your donations go when you donate to us in case any of these causes is closer to your heart. As we are a 501c3, your donation is tax-deductible.

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If you want to do even more than just contribute financially, you are welcome to volunteer with planting plants, assisting with special projects, grooming, and even with special educational opportunities. We have volunteer opportunities for all ages and abilities. We welcome Boys Scouts members, Girls Scouts members, JROTC members, High School students, College students and other groups that encourage or even require volunteer hours. You can either volunteer directly through us or through one of our listings on other volunteer websites.

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