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Sometimes, providing affordable education isn't just for the obvious populations (underprivileged, those who want to learn but just don't quite have enough, etc.). Sometimes, it's even for equestrian professionals. Much of the time, young professionals find themselves caught in a rut between balancing work and getting the education they need to become better riders and teachers for their students. Many young professionals find themselves stuck working to be able to pay for the bills but not having enough to afford the education they need to really blossom so they can rise up the levels as both riders and teachers. That's why we offer programs for working students, both long-term and short term. While it's more beneficial for a rider to be a working student for months at a time or longer, it's not always feasible for professionals to take off work that long. In those cases, we offer week-long "getaways" where they can work off their lessons like a working student and receive quality education and camaraderie in the meantime.

This fall, we had the lovely Madison Hood-Bowker out for a week for her educational getaway. Madison is a dressage and PATH certified instructor at a Therapeutic Horsemanship facility. She is working towards her USDF Bronze Medal on a self-made horse (who also doubles as a therapy pony), and she is getting close to it! We all had a blast, as Madison is a passionate instructor who wants to learn as much as she can so she can be a more effective teacher for her own students. We look forward to seeing her progress in her riding and hope she comes back for another getaway soon!

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