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Welcome to our new blog at Wright Tempo SEA! We are excited to be launching this amazing educational program with a goal to help people reconnect to nature through classical riding, endangered breeds of animals, and restorative agriculture. We are small at this point, but the growth potential is huge!

We had a wonderful group of volunteers come out today to groom horses and learn more about the history of classical riding and of the different breeds we work with. We love spending time with passionate people like this, and people love the serenity they get just "being" on our farm. While we have open volunteering opportunities, we also will be scheduling volunteering events. The next two big projects are renovating our original grass arena and enlarging it into a driving arena and repainting the weather-stained doors and boards on the barn and back arena.

Did you know classical dressage is not restricted to just what people think of when they see competitive dressage? Classical dressage can encompass carriage driving as well as working equitation and various mounted martial arts.

Carriage driving used to be a mandatory part of a horse's education for true versatility, but it is also a great deal of fun and can be practiced by people who are physically unable to ride or prefer feeling something like a charioteer over riding. It works out to our benefit in that sense that the Lipizzan is a powerhouse breed in the competitive driving arena due to their tractable temperament and natural agility and can be seen in the international competitive driving scene.

A Lusitano at Interagro Farm in Brazil showing in Working Equitation

Our driving arena will also serve as a space for working equitation obstacle training and practice for mounted martial arts. Working equitation is a growing sport based on traditional Iberian "ranch work," using bridges, gates, barrels, livestock pens, "spearing" a ring off a false bull, and other relative obstacles. The three main phases include dressage, ease of handling, and speed trial. What a great application of classical riding to not only practical obstacles but also to a fun chance to race around an obstacle course! See more at

We also intend to start working with more mounted martial arts in the near future, including mounted archery, fencing, and lance and rings practice. Classical dressage sets up the horse perfectly for competitive mounted archery as well as competitive Historical European Martial Arts on horseback, and many of the advanced movements are very useful in fencing and fighting with a lance (even if it is just fighting for points).

We are limited in what we can do with these at this point due to space and simply what obstacles we have available. Thanks to a couple helpful volunteers, we were able to make several working equitation obstacles that double for mounted martial arts a short time ago, though we definitely have a ways to go to get to where we need to be. If you're handy with minor construction (sinking fenceposts, nailing boards, using power tools, etc) and want to work on some fun projects, give us a buzz!

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